Lawn and Garden Equipment Rentals in Niagara Falls

Update your home or business landscape using E-Quip Rentals & Repairs Ltd’s lawn and garden equipment. From equipment to dig holes for fence posts to tools that help you cut sods and weeds in your garden, we have a variety of rental equipment. Contact our Niagara Falls office for more details. You can trust our stock of name- brand equipment to be in peak condition and ready for your next project. We offer rentals of:


Whether you’re a small or medium-scale gardener, our garden tiller is an ideal gardening tool for you. Our equipment can help tow and walk behind, while making it easy for you break down the hard soil and prep it for a new batch of your plants. Get in touch with us to learn more about our equipment.


Power rakes or dethatchers improve the health of the turf by allowing air, water, and light to reach the root. You can use our detachers that help you remove the thatching residue to keep your lawn healthier. Whether you’re a landscaper or a homeowner, we have the right equipment for you.


Whether you’re a fence installer or a property owner who wants to protect your land, post hole diggers are the right choice for you. A post hole digger digs semi-deep, yet narrow holes to install fences, signs, and posts. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from the variety of equipment we have.


While you can use spades for smaller sod-cutting jobs, when you have a larger piece of land, you will need a more powerful piece of equipment – sod cutters. These are good enough to handle big jobs, yet portable. You can cut about three acres of sod per day using this user-friendly equipment. We also rent out heavy-duty sod cutters for larger jobs.


Aerators are a good way to ensure that your lawn is getting the oxygen it needs. It can be used by simply anyone who seeks better turf and soil. We provide aerators for rent to customers such as lawn care contractors, golf course superintendents, and others.


For a healthier lawn, you have to make sure that your soil doesn’t have low spots or clods of soil. Rollers will help you level up the land before you sow grass seeds. Whether you’re a homeowner or a garden maintenance professional, the equipment is easy to use.


Water pumps can help keep your garden healthy by pumping up water to feed the grass. It is especially useful when you have a large garden to cover. We also rent out our pumps for people working on a temporary project.


Are you in need of pruning shears? We stock a range of sharpened branch clippers so that you can easily prune your trees, plants, and shrubs just the way you like with minimal effort. From tree cutters to branch clippers for delicate plants, we have them all.


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“Best rental place around, very knowledgeable guys, very helpful, what else can you ask for.”


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“Fantastic rental rates, quick delivery on mini excavators, we find them to be fair, fast and never any issues with equipment.”

-Mike B

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“Very fast turnaround on repairs and when I got my machine back it was way cleaner than when I brought in.  Great customer service!”

-Josh G

Lawn and Garden Equipment

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