Construction Equipment in Niagara Falls

Need construction equipment for a short period to prepare your construction site?  E-Quip Rentals & Repairs Ltd provides the perfect solution. You can rent our range of construction equipment in Niagara Falls for a reasonable price. We also deal with the sales, repairs and maintenance of construction equipment from name-brand manufacturers. If the equipment breaks down or malfunctions when in your possession, we can send our team to repair the equipment. You can rely on us for construction equipment such as:

Demolition Equipment

Whether you’re tearing down your backyard garage, patio, or a commercial building, time is money, and any unplanned delay will add on to the budget. We help homeowners, demolition contractors, and construction contractors get demolition equipment that is in top condition – on time!

Compaction Equipment

Compaction helps remove the air from the soil and make the ground more solid and stable. Depending on the type of soil, there are different types of compaction equipment that will get the job done. If you want to build a solid foundation for your construction project, compactors come handy.

Lights and generators

Having proper lighting and generators on-site is a smart way to handle the pressure of finishing the project on time. You will need a backup power source to make sure your work isn’t hindered. We have a variety of lights and generators in various sizes and prices suitable for all kinds of projects.


If you are working on a small construction project that cannot accommodate large excavators, we have mini excavators with operating weight from .7 to 8.5 tonnes. Excavators can be used for landscaping work, digging up holes for swimming pools, repairing sewers, and so much more.

Skid Steers

Skid steers come with different attachments that make it versatile equipment for digging, moving rubble and much more. Whether you need skid loaders to steer heavy things around your construction site or dig holes, you can rent it from us.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a platform that typically moves vertically with the help of a criss-cross X pattern or scissor mechanism. When you need to move material to a higher storey of your construction, inspect the wiring, or paint the walls, scissor lifts provide you with a stable and safe platform.


Whether you are working on high rise buildings or bridges, we provide scaffolding systems that are safe and secure. After listening to your project’s requirements, we help you find the right scaffolding system to be staged at your construction site. Single, double, steel, suspended, you name it, you will have it.

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Great Customer Service

“Very fast turnaround on repairs, and when I got my machine back, it was way cleaner than when I brought in.  Great customer service!”

-Josh G

Never Any Issues

“Fantastic rental rates, quick delivery on mini excavators, we find them to be fair, fast and never any issues with equipment.”

-Mike B

Good Pricing

“Best place to rent equipment from and good pricing too.  Family run and treat you like one of the family.”

-Tammy G

Construction Project Coming Up?

A construction project can be pretty taxing! Fortunately, you don't need to worry a lot about the equipment rental as long as we are around.

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